“It has been a huge gift for me to work with Edit, and that’s true in many ways. She’s a woman who not only tolerates that I have specific ideas, but relates to them while subtly and directly representing her own tastes, ideas and opinions. What I love is that she pays close attention to details I’d otherwise neglect, thus making sure for quality results.” – Agnes Wirtz / owner of Bagatelle

I graduated as an architect in Budapest and studied Architecture and Product Design in Strasbourg. I’ve lived and worked in Dubai.

As an interior designer, the place is my primary muse: its atmosphere, lights, space and views. Transforming an existing building is my favorite challenge.  All my favorite cards are at play: to respect and elevate the old, to rethink spaces and materials and blend them into a harmonious and future-proof unit.

Who I work with is also fundamental. The creative process is unique with everyone I work with. My clients become participants in the process. Their ideas and tastes must be reflected in the final results.

The last element in my process is detail. Unique, planned, thoughtful details are the result of effective cooperation between designer and manufacturer.